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Let’s set the scene: It’s Sunday evening and you had an eventful weekend, so you decide to binge your favorite series in the hope that everything you need to make Monday a success is done and dusted.

You could not be asked to double check because you are sure that you did at least one load of washing over the weekend and that was a feat in itself… it was a weekend Afterall! 

So Monday dawns, you wake up and brew the coffee while you see what is hanging in the cupboard to wear.With it being the start of a week you usually make an attempt to dress up so you take out the neat pair of trousers that is clean but with a crisp crease in both legs. You already pressed snooze a few more times than you usually would and so needing to iron just would not fit into the tight schedule you are already running on, but you do it anyway. In the haste of pulling on your freshly ironed trousers, clumsily you step in and the seam tears apart like soft bread.

You rush to the cupboard to see what else you can wear, only to find your rather casual chino’s to be the only pants item that is clean. It’s time to get going so you decide it will have to do and off you go. If you are anything like me, for the remainder of the day you feel uncomfortable. A general feeling of unease sets in while you question the way you look all day. This feeling is usually visualized as discomfort through constant fidgeting with the problem or looking down at your casual garb, drawing more attention to the problem area.

A viscous cycle is now in motion and all rational thought is thrown out the window as you blame the entire situation on a “Blue Monday”. This way, you are not to blame for YOUR lack of preparation.

When you start your career in recruitment you are given many “tips & tricks” or “habits for success”, but none are as true as the habit of taking at least 10 minutes at the end of your day to plan the next one. Like taking the few minutes before you go to bed to make sure your outfit for the next day is planned and ready to wear, planning what the next day will look like ensures a smooth flow of events. When you step confidently into the new day there is no hesitation or stumbling. No ripping at the seams and you are comfortable going through your to do list.

Now, I have only been a recruiter for 2 years, but I am most certainly aware of the interruptions and unpredictability in the day of a recruiter. A response to an InMail leads to an impromptu call interview leading many to question the need for a to do list. But I have very clearly seen the positive influence in the flow and productivity of my day when I have a plan of who to call when, who is interviewing where and the urgent sourcing that is needed.

Today, before you head home, write tomorrows call list, interviews and “hot jobs” down, then challenge yourself to tick off each one the next day, it could be the difference in productivity you need. 

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