The increasing use of energy sources, aging infrastructure, and rising demand for electricity are driving the need to improve transmission efficiency, innovate technological developments in transmission grid technology and advance energy security.

Most regions and countries are expected to experience strong growth in electric power transmission as governments are engaging in upgrading and expanding the transmission and distribution infrastructure. The industry is undergoing unprecedented transformation as we see a sharp increase in investments across legacy T&D infrastructure and the development of new SMART Grid technology.

The SMART grid revolution will see the power and communication networks connect to our homes, offices, and factories via multiple distributed power providers as solar, wind, fuel cells, and facilities that store generated power, as our world moves closer to “Power on Demand”

EarthStream understands the critical skills needed to support this transformation and works with TNO´s and DNO´s and their supply chain of EPC´s and OEM across the all elements of grid technology from transmission & distribution to SCADA to smart grid to cable & powerlines.