Written by: Andre Sola Habenicht, Managing Partner, German Speaking Countries

I’m about to embarque on a trip into the heart of the United States, landing in New York on the 2nd October.

Many of our European clients in the Offshore Wind sector are investing heavily in the US and which is a result of my trip into New York, where our Managing Partner for the US, Brett Marsh, has invited me to engage with some of our key EarthStream Global clients whom with we have long-standing client relationships across Europe.

The investment into the US Offshore Wind sector reminds me of the period between 2013 – 2015 in Germany, where we witnessed the launch of many offshore wind projects across the region. Our first German Offshore Windfarm (Alpha-Ventus) taught us a lot of valuable lessons in production, installation, commissioning, service, safety and supply-chain. The 10 years of Offshore experience gained is priceless as the US industry has a chance to apply the tested best-practices.

You may ask, how can I help you? We have a campaign that is currently live, focused on attracting offshore experienced talent, which are based in Europe but hold the US citizenship or green card, to recruit them for the offshore industry in the US.

I would be delighted to engage with you via telephone or face-to-face in the US if you’re interested in hearing more about our services and the exciting projects that we have in the pipeline!

You can contact me on e-mail or call me on +49 171 290 4164 to set up our meeting – looking forward to linking up!