The automotive industry is undergoing unprecedented transformation and embracing a number of new technologies that are fuelling industry growth. The future of the sector lies in new mobility solutions, urban orientation, connected car solutions, alternative power trains, hybrid & electric vehicles, fuel cell engines and digital & IoT technologies. In addition they are a number of key challenges to address such as product complexity, strict environment and safety regulations. EarthStream works with automotive manufacturers and the full range of OEM´s in the value chain. We provide specialist engineering and technical talent that is at the cutting edge of the technology revolution taking place in the automotive industry.

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The Aerospace & Defence industry has been an early adopter of digital technologies and given the nature of the business cybersecurity technology remains a top priority in implementing robust security management. Production levels for commercial aircrafts are forecasted to increase by 25% over the next decade whilst there is growing responsibility to increase energy efficiency and decrease carbon emissions. EarthStream has developed a dedicated industry practice to provide specialist technology & engineering talent to the avionics, aerospace, defence and cyber warfare sectors. We work across the entire sector value chain with a particular focus on OEM´s and the technology innovators that are shaping the industry.

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Chemical, petrochemical, polymer, fertilizer and pharmaceutical companies are benefiting from low production costs due to the lower cost of energy and feedstock needed to power production facilities which is helping to drive new investment. However in a diverse set of process industries with high risk materials the competition for specialist technology & engineering talent is intense. EarthStream provides a range of engineering disciplines required in facility & plant build, manufacturing & chemical process through to information technology experts that are needed to manage complex operations. We can help support the adoption of big data analytics that can vastly improve operational performance and productivity.

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Clean technology, energy efficiency and environmental consulting have been rapidly moving from a niche support sector into a mainstream industry in its own right. Major political initiatives are gathering momentum that are helping to drive investment which in turn is creating an embryonic & vibrant market sector that is leading to significant job creation and acute competition for experienced talent. EarthStream has developed a global capability to find scientific, technical, engineering and consulting experts across the entire suite of clean technology sub sectors that include building automation & LEED architecture, transportation efficiency, industrial processes, environmental efficiency, energy storage, water & wastewater and smart grid technology.

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The compilation of consulting, professional services and business services sectors remain buoyant driven by high levels of activity in services such as technology & digital transformation projects, M&A activity, risk & compliance, safety & environment and data analysis. EarthStream provides technical consultants, business consultants and technologists to a broad range of business service providers. Some of the key client segments we focus on are management & strategy consultancies, certification & testing consultancies, data research & information services firms and legal & advisory firms. Across these segments we apply our wide industry sector knowledge and in-depth technology knowledge to support client projects.

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The engineering & construction services industry is a highly competitive sector with increasing project complexities, changing regulatory environment, increased risk in project execution, changing asset owner expectations, changing technology landscape and an acute shortage of skilled engineering and technical workforce to cope with the avalanche of new infrastructure projects. EarthStream help EPCM service providers overcome the skill shortages by providing the full range of engineering, design and project management disciplines. The E&C professionals we provide are supplemented by information technology experts who can help with adoption of next generation technologies and solutions such as analytics, mobility, collaboration, IoT and smart building automation.

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EarthStream´s history in the energy and commodities trading market combined with the EarthStream leadership team´s extensive financial technology recruiting experience has seen our business recently develop a broader enhanced finance and trading technology practice. We work with investment banks, retail banks, hedge funds, asset managers, commodity trading houses and financial technology service providers to supply a range of software development, technology infrastructure and PMO experts. We provide technology experts in investment management order management systems, trading systems and risk management systems.

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The digital revolution has quickly become embedded in the hi-tech industry with customers demanding high quality products for less cost and in far shorter timelines. OEM product and solution providers need to drive new strategies and deliver value. The Hi-Tech industry comprising of industrial equipment, power & automation products, control systems, semiconductor & chip technology and business & consumer electronics has been challenged with intense competition, continuous product innovation, compliance adherence and a shortage of specialist engineers and technologists. EarthStream works with some of the diversified industrial OEM majors through to niche product innovators to provide hardware, electronic, software and discipline engineers alongside IT experts to support operations and product development.

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Minerals & Metals

The minerals & metals industry continues to operate in the face of fluctuating commodity prices, high input costs, the ongoing need to provide safe working conditions, onerous statutory reporting and shortage of skilled technical talent partly due to an ageing workforce. EarthStream provide technical, engineering, environmental, commercial and IT specialists across the complete minerals & metals lifecycle from grass roots exploration to production management through to mineral & metals processing. We work globally across the entire commodity mix from coal to uranium to gold to ferrous metals to base metals to PGM´s. We work with stock market listed natural resources operators as well as equipment & EPC service providers.

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To meet the increasing energy demand for a growing population, oil and gas will continue to be the major source of the world’s energy well into the 21st century despite the current volatile oil prices. Technological innovation has enabled conventional resources to be found in more remote locations and unconventional resources such as shale gas to be found using new techniques. The current slowdown in global oil & gas production temporarily masks the ageing workforce and global skill shortage problem. EarthStream provides geosciences, engineering and information technology experts that help companies win the oil & gas talent war by supplying hard to find skills from a global talent pool. We work with IOC´s, NOC´s, independent explorers and oilfield service providers to provide specialists across the lifecycle of upstream, midstream and downstream.

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The evolution of the power generation and transmission & distribution sectors has required energy utilities to respond to growing energy demands by generating electric from more diverse energy sources, improving power quality, upgrading ageing infrastructure and making transmission & distribution grids more efficient. These key factors are driving energy utilities and their supply chain to find increasing expertise in technical, engineering, commercial and IT skills. EarthStream provide multi discipline specialists across the power generation lifecycle across the complete energy mix from nuclear to coal fired to gas fired. As the power becomes distributed by transmission networks we support the full range of T&D functions.

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The emergence of the renewable energy sector in the last decade from peripheral energy source to mainstream contributor to the future energy mix has driven new renewable energy projects. The long term environmental benefits of renewable energy continue to spur new investment as does binding emission targets. These factors are continuing to drive global demand for skills in this sector. EarthStream works with renewable energy project developers such as utilities or independent power producers and the extended value chain of service providers. We provide technical, engineering, environmental, commercial and IT talent across the complete renewable energy mix including solar & PV technology, onshore & offshore wind projects, biofuels and waste to energy.

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The global software & IT services industry is enjoying another boom period due to the emergence of SMAC (Social, Mobility, Analytics, Cloud) technology and the desire for organizations to digitalize their operations and communication channels. Software as a Service (SaaS) is rapidly becoming the industry standard model of procuring software applications leading to a shift in the management of IT resources. There is a fundamental gap between speed of new technology adoption and the level of available skills needed to make this transition. EarthStream works will all types of software & IT vendors from application product developers to outsourcing service companies to systems integrators and consultancies. We find the experts in development, design, architecture, implementation, project management, product sales and support services.

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The introduction of digital technologies into the transport & logistics industry has caused a significant shift in the way in which business is now being undertaken. Digital has led to the enhanced visibility of logistics operations, from tracking delivery status via mobile devices, to undertaking transactions and executions via online applications. As a result the industry has been able to leverage and create better efficiencies and experiences. The industry transformation is only at the beginning of the cycle and this is likely to cause strain in finding the experts needed to fulfil this journey. EarthStream works with freight forwarders, shipping & marine companies, global business couriers, third party logistics services firms and the rail network supply chain. We find experts across the board in IT, supply chain & commercial disciplines.

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