Building out a new German Renewable Company

Building out a new German Renewable Company

Earthstream began working with a new wind start up business in 2014, focusing on the provision skilled professionals within the wind industry. We have successfully completed search assignments for placed a Wind Measurement and Performance specialist based in Germany.

Due to our understanding of the technology and the culture of this start up, we were awarded multiple executive assignments across other European countries. As this company is a start up and didn’t have a strong market presence there has been a large emphasis on brand awareness and building .

As the company grows we will remain a trusted partner for future hires.


If you would like to discuss this project further or a related project please contact

André Sola-Habenicht

Managing Director: Germany & Switzerland


Tel: 0041798978904


Anja Diamond

Team Lead - Permanent

Germany, Austria, Switzerland (DACH Region)

Tel: +49 89 7208089-10