Ryan Forbes

Job Title

Managing Director Africa


Cape Town, South Africa

Regions covered

Sub-Saharan Africa


11 Years

Contact Details

Tel: +27 21 422 0851

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The continent of Africa holds not only the youngest population on the planet it also boasts over 30% of the Earths natural resources which provides for an exciting mix of opportunities for a staffing specialist such as EarthStream.

What values define the way you work?

Providing a service on a continent that consistently labels unemployment and up skilling as some of its biggest challenges means our success is a direct result of our hard work, honesty, integrity and capacity to understand both technical and cultural requirements on a project or assignment.

What excites you most about the industry?

Africa’s rapid increase in connectivity and access to technology excites me most. Only 24% of the continent has access to electricity yet in some countries there is an over subscription of mobile devices. This means that there are pockets in the African market that are “leapfrogging” to more advanced technologies.

What makes you passionate about working with your clients?

The very nature of the industries we focus on means that all our customers have unique value propositions for potential employees. I believe our clients are the best representation of our values and capabilities which stems from our consultants being genuinely interested in the projects they embark on which inmost cases has immense positive effects on the communities they sit within.

How do you believe EarthStream supports your endeavours?

EarthStream boast real synergy between all of it offices globally and consultants within our network speak to each other regularly which seems to be the most immediate USP to our customers. Beyond that I believe our technical understanding of the skills / disciplines we represent coupled with our integrity means we provide a holistic services offering.

What are your interests or passions outside of work?

Outside of work I am passionate about my family and the outdoors and like to spend time trail running, mountain biking or stand up paddle boarding with my dog Willem.

What skills do you focus on?

Electrical, Mechanical & Systems Engineering
Process & Chemical Engineering
Design Engineering & Project Management