Eugene Graske

Job Title

Managing Consultant


Hamburg - Germany

Regions covered

Europe (Denmark, Benelux & Germany)


4 Years

Contact Details

Tel: +49 1712904161

I pioneered EarthStream´s DACH renewable energy activities, spending the first 3 years specialising in the supply of renewable energy specialists in the Wind and Oil & Gas Industries. My technical area covers Design and Detailed Engineering, Offshore Construction and Marine Engineering. Services range from the supply of individuals in Temporary and Permanent roles to complete Engineering O&M teams covering project work from shipyard to operation.

How do you perceive the market you work within? 

With a focus of over 80% in the offshore wind market, the versatile and dynamic nature in the field is hard to miss. It is a market that requires patience, innovation and “out –of – the –box” thinkers throughout the value chain. Considering the amount of promise there is to harness from Wind Energy, yet the confounding factors of technological limitations, political barriers and the weather, we often face a rollercoaster ride of peaks and troughs in terms of expectations and outcome. In my opinion, a heavy aspect that needs to be addressed is overall Project Management Coordination. Whether in the Engineering phase, the Installations & Commissioning phase or the O&M phase, there is a lot of room for improvement, whereby a core overarching aspect to be addressed is the project management culture, insight and approach.

What values define the way you work?

Transparency and quality driven define foundation of the personal credo I try to adhere to when supporting any process in the business.

What excites you most about the industry?

The unpredictability of processes within all aspects of providing man power solutions for a dynamic yet visionary industry.

What makes you passionate about working with your clients?

The drive to gain the client’s commitment and interest in mine and the company’s capacity and competences. The simple fact is, there is heavy competition in our industry, and my goal is to convince the clients that we are a differentiator and we can bring in the added value to their business.

What makes EarthStream different?

In a maritime analogy, EarthStream can be considered a speedboat. The small, flexible and dynamic nature of the company and global set up give us the capacity to really do….anything and everything. It also allows for flatter hierarchies, which leads to great development potential for hard workers.

What are your interests or passions outside of work?

Football (Soccer) is a big component in my spare time. More playing the sport than watching the sport as well as going out with the those closest to me for beers, sushi and shisha.