Eddie Halkett

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North America, South America, Europe, MENA


25 Years

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Phone: +44 7949 184 200


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I operate across the International Power sectors, which are experiencing what feels like a number of concurrent evolutions as a result of the energy trilemma – sustainability, security and efficiency.

These factors are creating unparalleled demand and competition for skills as the very fabric of these traditional industries alters.

The adoption of renewable technologies continues to revolutionise the power generation markets, whilst the nuclear sector still has a vital role to play in balancing the energy mix.

The Transmission & Distribution industry is undertaking a complete transformation of its architecture, infrastructure and systems as it gradually migrates to an integrated and intelligent model.

Industry is at the beginning of its most radical revolution as the digitalisation of equipment offers the ability for the whole world to become internet enabled, this presents countless opportunities.

What excites you most about your market?

These are some of the most interesting and exciting times to be involved in the engineering & technology staffing industry, as we must adapt to the new conditions that are being created in order to be considered credible.

What values underpin the way you work with your clients?

I am passionate about how EarthStream can leverage our recruitment expertise and network to offer a valuable proposition to clients. I believe this should consist of a variety of components – detailed understanding of markets and technologies; exceptional network of qualified talent; the ability to represent a clients’ opportunity with accuracy and enthusiasm; absolute recruitment best practice and a first class entrepreneurial attitude that encourages real partnerships.

After 25 years in recruitment I still get a huge amount of enjoyment from helping individual’s progress in their careers, solving customer recruitment challenges and seeing a return on the significant investment we make.

What are your interests outside of work?

Family, dog walking and playing golf (badly)

What skills do you focus on?

Electrical. Mechanical & Systems Engineering
Civil & Structural Engineering
Design Engineering & Project Management
Quality, Health, Safety & Environment