Austin Bristow

Job Title

Director - North America


Atlanta, North America

Regions covered

North America


10 Years

Contact Details

Tel:+1 404 817 9500

When you get down to it, electric power is the foundation of the modern world. Whether from renewable or traditional sources, almost everything relies on power to be generated and delivered, without fail. I see the Energy & Power market growing steadily and able to provide very stable career opportunities for those that choose this path.

What values define the way you work?

Commitment and trust – I want my clients to know that when I take on an assignment or project, that I’m fully committed to delivering results. It is equally important that my clients are able to make informed decisions about the people we refer and this depends on a foundation of trust. It is one thing to say you are committed and trustworthy, but after 10 years of recruitment it means so much more to have clients that will say this for me.

What excites you most about the industry?

The Energy & Power industry is constantly changing, evolving, and progressing. It tends to follow the tech industry where systems are rapidly becoming more robust and capable. How is this world going to be powered 10/20/50 years from now? Time will tell, but it’s fascinating to be a part of the advancement.

What makes you passionate about working with your clients?

Outside of actually engineering and building a power generation system (I’ll leave that part to our clients), attracting and retaining the key staff to perform the work is the biggest challenge our clients face. Solving problems for our clients and contributing to overcoming this difficult step is extremely rewarding.

What makes EarthStream different?

While I focus on the North America market, many of our clients have international operations and rely on our global network for staff needs and market insight where other firms cannot deliver. I have found EarthStream to be a highly collaborative group and I’ve been fortunate to work on client projects with an international team of consummate professionals.

What are your interests outside of work?

I’m a husband and proud father of two, and this so far has been my greatest achievement. Together we enjoy the outdoors, from skiing and cycling to picnics at the park. With children of our own, my wife (a First Grade teacher) and I have taken to children’s volunteer work. We support groups of kids through the Adaptive Sports program as well as fund raising for JDRF, working to find a cure for diabetes in children and young adults.

What skills are your main focus?

Electrical, Mechanical & Systems Engineering
Technical Sales & Marketing