André Sola-Habenicht

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Managing Director: Germany & Switzerland


Zürich - Switzerland, Germany - Munich & Hamburg

Regions covered



10 Years

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Tel: 0041798978904


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Our business in the German Speaking countries is driven mainly by the “Energiewende”, which started after Fokushima, and the classical engineering focussed industry. In Energy we find and place talent which works along the energy-lifecycle. From identifying and exploring energy sources, to the conversion into electricity (Power Generation) and the transportation of it (Power Transmission). The smart usage of electricity (Energy Efficiency) is a big driver in Germany and Switzerland as well. Our Wind focussed subsidiary in Hamburg grew extraordinarily. In Munich we are also strong dealing with the classical German engineering companies staffing Engineering and Commercial Positions within it.

What values define the way you work?

I personally believe in long-standing business relationships, integrity and skill focus. Business continuity is what recruitment lacks most. Consultants change positions and companies frequently and clients invest a lot of time in explaining and briefing new recruiting on comers in their daily business. This doesn’t happen with us, as our consultants already work for several years with our customers. We make sure that our employees are long-time motivated to stay with us, which pays of for them, us and our clients. Personally and as a representative of my company, I want to be perceived as someone with high integrity – or how the German philosopher Kant summed it up perfectly, “Always behave like you expect to be treated”. Last but not least we emphasis a lot on skill knowledge. A lack of profound understanding of technical aspects is what I have witnessed too often at our competitors. It is mandatory for my people to have profound skill knowledge, which is highly appreciated by our customers, because they know that we speak “their language”.

 What excites you most about the industry?

I enjoy making a difference by helping my clients, changing our candidates’ life and contributing to something bigger. Several references proof that our customers perceived our services as outstanding and on several occasions we could rescue a project by finding an expert in short time. We must not forget that the people we find, attract and often relocate have a family as well. That means that we change the setup for several people which might have an impact on their lives. I am still in contact to several candidates which I placed, f.e. an US-American Senior Export which I brought to Switzerland. He has a family there now and speaks German and never regretted his decision. Last but not least it makes me proud to say that the people we have placed made the “Energiewende” happening. F.e. to be seen at the Wind-turbines in northern Germany.

What makes you passionate about working with your clients?

I am passionate about committed clients. Under commitment I would summarise to work trustfully together, to have a realistic understanding about the recruitment process and to do the best to operate efficiently. I always like to tell my clients the following economic principle: A recruitment process is defined by three parameters: 1.) Quality 2.) Time 3.) Price. Choose two of them as “High” and you have to accept one of them as “Low”. Once we defined this and agreed on it, we will place every vacancy.

 How do you believe EarthStream supports your endeavours and what makes us different?

EarthStream is a truly global and customer driven company. This means we have the same core set of values and approaches around the globe, but our services adjust to local conditions and client needs. This makes us strong! We speak the customers’ language and know their needs but we can source local, regional and global workforce in the shortest time. Our regional teams then take care about the recruitment process and that we work in compliance with local legislation. The size of our company allows us to stay flexible and react quickly on changing customer needs. I know only few recruitment companies which can offer this and therefore this makes us different.

 What are your interests or passions outside of work?

Even though it sounds strange for a German: I like rugby and hate soccer! I played actively but now I have “retired” from that hobby. Besides this, my military service as mountaineer left its mark and I still enjoy hiking in the Swiss Alps. Furthermore I am a terrible golf player with too little time to practice because of my lovely family.