Electrical, Mechanical & Systems Engineering Experts

Lee Bishop

Senior Manager, Cape Town - South Africa

Tel: +27 21 200 5570

I am responsible for the Engineering & Technical desk across a number of markets within Africa. These disciplines and markets can be very candidate driven as…More

Athanassios Nikolaou

Team Lead - Contracting, Munich - Germany

Tel: +49 89 7208089-30

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I have been working in the embedded system market for several years and see great potential. The area within the automotive, IT and aviation sectors…More

Austin Bristow

Director - North America, Atlanta, North America

Tel:+1 404 817 9500

When you get down to it, electric power is the foundation of the modern world. Whether from renewable or traditional sources, almost everything relies on…More

Ryan Forbes

Managing Director Africa, Cape Town, South Africa

Tel: +27 21 422 0851

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The continent of Africa holds not only the youngest population on the planet it also boasts over 30% of the Earths natural resources which provides…More

Eddie Halkett

Director, London

Phone: +44 7949 184 200


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I operate across the International Power sectors, which are experiencing what feels like a number of concurrent evolutions as a result of the energy trilemma…More

Andrew Dodd

Country Manager, Malaysia - Kuala Lumpur

Tel: +603-2775-9669

The Engineering & Construction services market is very much the driving-force behind so many things that we enjoy in life, it is a market that…More

Adam Archer

Manager, London, United Kingdom

Tel:+44 207 422 6851
Mobile: +447769 347 268

My market requires a range of technical, engineering and commercial resources; we supply hard to find skills from a global talent pool which are proving…More