Renewable Energy Experts

Austin Bristow

Director - North America, Atlanta, North America

Tel:+1 404 817 9500

When you get down to it, electric power is the foundation of the modern world. Whether from renewable or traditional sources, almost everything relies on…More

Anja Diamond

Team Lead - Permanent, Germany, Munich

Tel: +49 89 7208089-10

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Being a Mum I want to make sure I am responsible for the environment I leave for my child. As a consultant I can make…More

Paul Beeke

CEO, Global Headquaters

Tel:Mobile +44 7967 970121

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I am a staffing & recruiting entrepreneur with over 25 years’ experience of building specialist technology recruiting companies. In 1993 I founded Techpartners International a…More

Eddie Halkett

Director, London

Phone: +44 7949 184 200

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I operate across the International Power sectors, which are experiencing what feels like a number of concurrent evolutions as a result of the energy trilemma…More

André Sola-Habenicht

Managing Director: Germany & Switzerland, Zürich - Switzerland, Germany - Munich & Hamburg

Tel: 0041798978904


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Our business in the German Speaking countries is driven mainly by the “Energiewende”, which started after Fokushima, and the classical engineering focussed industry. In Energy…More