Engineering & Construction Experts

Lee Bishop

Senior Manager, Cape Town - South Africa

Tel: +27 21 200 5570

I am responsible for the Engineering & Technical desk across a number of markets within Africa. These disciplines and markets can be very candidate driven as…More

Eddie Halkett

Director, London

Phone: +44 7949 184 200

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I operate across the International Power sectors, which are experiencing what feels like a number of concurrent evolutions as a result of the energy trilemma…More

Andrew Dodd

Country Manager, Malaysia - Kuala Lumpur

Tel: +603-2775-9669

The Engineering & Construction services market is very much the driving-force behind so many things that we enjoy in life, it is a market that…More

Adam Archer

Manager, London, United Kingdom

Tel:+44 207 422 6851
Mobile: +447769 347 268

My market requires a range of technical, engineering and commercial resources; we supply hard to find skills from a global talent pool which are proving…More