$1,600 on shoes, NOT THIS TIME. Cyber Threat & Security at EarthStream


Sitting on my regular “red eye” flight back to Spain on Friday, after what had been a very exciting and informative week in our London offices; I always have time to reflect on the ideas and debates we have had in our team strategy sessions throughout the week.

In any recruitment strategy session, the topics of technical direction and headcount allocation are high up on all the manager’s agenda, each jostling for additional resource as they look to drive growth within their respected business units; as you can imagine an often heated and passionate debate!

However, this trip and these meetings were different. For the first time in as long as I can remember every manager was united in where they felt much of our focus and attention should be over the course of our next trading period: Cyber Assessment & Cyber Threat was the feedback I was hearing. From everyone.

EarthStream officially launched its Info Sec & Cybersecurity division nearly nine months ago after repeated requests from many of our clients, and as you would expect in today’s environment it has been received with open arms.

Nine months later this new division operates in every regional head quarter; including London, New York, Cape Town, Singapore, Munich and Tokyo. Interestingly however, it was not this enviable growth that united our managers, if truth be told there are many fast growing divisions within EarthStream.

No this time it was something much closer to home, our corporate business credit-card had been the target of fraudulent activities, and as such temporarily frozen for all users. An enraging and frustrating experience for all concerned, but one that highlighted how high up the technology agenda cyber threat really is and how it can affect everyone from the large corporation to the person on the street at any time with no warning

EarthStream´s management were unified. We should continue to expand our global cyber footprint and build from the success we have seen in financial markets and aerospace & defence, we must develop further towards other greatly affected markets such as pharmaceuticals, power and automotive.

Undoubtedly it will be another exciting period as we push deeper into the InfoSec & Cyber market space.

Finally; Kudos to HSBC and their fraud detection department who were on the case in an instant, confirming that we hadn´t attempted to spend $ 800 on plumbing, $ 1,100 on computer games and my personal favourite $1,600 on a pair of shoes. Fortunately, there won’t be any Jimmy Choo’s making their way to that fraudster.!!!!!

Don´t hesitate to contact me directly to discuss how we can support your business, or if you feel the need to join our cyber division, we are recruiting across all our global locations. I am always available to discuss and welcome the conversation.

AdamAdam Marsh - Photo - Old Marsh
CDO EarthStream

29th October 2015 / EarthStream